Activities in the Field of Testing & Research Center

Testing & research Center


v The Center for Research and Test renewable energy, which was created in collaboration with the European Union and Italy to complete the studies and researches necessary to develop equipments, systems and testing the standard for performance, quality and environmental impacts and certification of renewable energy equipment, the Center includes a range of internal and external laboratory specializes in the areas of:

    - inventory and assessment of sources of solar energy and wind 

    - to test equipment and solar thermal systems, solar cells

   - to test equipment manufacturer for the purposes of energy conservation and the preservation of the environment (heat exchangers - materials and wall insulation - pumps - lighting sources)

   - Research and biomass tests

   - tests and measurements of a variety of public labs (prescription, chemistry, physics, optical measurement, electronics) as well as a factor to measure, calculate and determine the level of energy efficiency of household appliances including refrigerators, washing machines, lighting units, electric water heaters and air conditioning. Are working through the system of quality according to the standard ISO 9001/2000, where the certificate has been obtained since 2004, have been rehabilitated plants, pumps and refrigerators, freezers and washing machines in accordance with the requirements of the standard specifications for the adoption of ISO / IEC 17025 from the National Council for approval, and is currently being completed rehabilitation factor other.

vThe center has performed several activities during the last period not only in the field of Renewable Energy but also in the field of Energy Efficiency, where the laboratories of the center has done testing and certification of water solar thermal systems, and research project in the field of Biomass.


vThe laboratories of home appliances played an important role through co-operation  with the General Authority for Standards and Quality, and the national for energy efficiency improvement and greenhouse gas reduction to ensure that all appliances is committed to the Egyptian Standards and labeled with Energy efficiency level before raised in the Egyptian market to the consumer.


   In the context, in 2009, 1289 local and imported products has been tested ranges from refrigerators, freezers, washing machines, electric heaters, air conditioners and energy saving bulbs, bringing the total number of  products that had been tested by the laboratories of home appliances to 2321 national and imported product during the last three years.



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