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Press Release: Contract has been Signed to Implement a 220 M.W Wind Power Plant in Gabal El Zeit.  (Download)

The Map Of The Arab Republic Of Egypt. (Download)

Invitation for the Contractors Prequalifications for "200 to 250 MW Wind Farm at Gulf of Suez" due date monday 29th of May 2017, 12:00 pm. (Download)

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Since 1970s, Ministry of Electricity & Energy
has given due consideration to the Renewable
Energy (RE) resources.

In early 1980s,a renewable energy strategy was
formulated as an integral part of the national energy
planning in Egypt. Such strategy has been revised in
view of the projections for possible RE technologies/application
options, available financing sources and investment opportunities
in the field.

Currently,the strategy targets to satisfy 20% of the electric energy demand from renewable energy resources,  by the year 2020, including about 12% from wind power , 8% from others RE sources ( hydro power , solar energy , ....... ).

In 1986 New & Renewable Energy Authority (NREA) was established to act as the national focal point for expanding efforts to develop and introduce renewable energy technologies to Egypt on a commercial scale together with implementation of related energy conservation programs .
NREA is entrusted to plan and implement renewable energy programs in coordination with other concerned national and international institutions within the framework of its mandate which includes:-
1. Renewable energy resource assessment.
2. Research, development, demonstration, testing and evaluation of the different RE technologies focusing on solar, wind and biomass.
3. Implementation of renewable energy projects.
4. Proposing the Egyptian standard specifications for renewable energy equipment & systems, and conducting tests to evaluate their performance, under the Egyptian prevailing conditions, hence issuing respective licensing certificates to that effect.
5. Rendering of consultancy services in the field of renewable energy.
6. Technology transfer and development of local manufacturing of Renewable Energy equipment.
7. Education, training and information dissemination.


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