Training & Promotion
  • The General Department for Training and Promotion develop a generation of renewable energy experts to meet the market needs and address future challenges. We also strive to excellence in renewable energy at local and regional.
The goals of the center
  • Spreading awareness, introducing renewable energy concepts, technologies and applications, and promoting their uses by organizing, implementing and participating in many exhibition, workshops and seminars.
  • The training and promotion department obtained the ISO 9001/2015.
  • Raising the efficiency of NREA's employees and improving their skills in various fields.

  • Meet the training needs of the Arab world and the foreign countries in the following fields:
  • Renewable energy
  • Wind energy
  • Solar thermal technology
  • Photovoltaic technology
  • Energy efficiency

  • In line with the state’s tendency to encourage the use of renewable energies in the majority of industrial, agricultural, tourism and other applications such as small systems for electricity generation, water heating systems for domestic and industrial purposes, and small wind systems for electricity generation, the authority initiated various training courses in all branches of renewable energy.
  • The programs are divided into:
  • Theoretical programs include introductory lectures and a comprehensive explanation of the technology used and the use of renewable energy, how to design these systems and use their own programs.
  • Practical programs include programs such as maintenance and installation of cells, operation and maintenance of wind turbines.
  • In line with the technological development, NREA seeks to design and implement training programs remotely (online) for various renewable energy technologies with the aim of spreading awareness of renewable energy in order to develop and improve the renewable energy market.
  • NREA also contributes in many community services such as organizing many visits to the various NREA ‘s sites ( zafarana wind energy site - korymat solar site) and the labs of energy efficiency at NREA. As well as organizing training grants for the students in the engineering colleges of the various Egyptian universities and Egyptian schools.
Collaboration protocols
  • NREA signed several cooperation protocols for the aim of spreading the awareness of the renewable energy technologies with the educational and academic organization.

  • The training and promotion department is also working on promoting the various activities of NREA such as the power saving tests laboratories. It also conducts a survey to find out the market needs of the training courses and designing training courses based on the survey.
  • More than 5500 trainees from Arab and African countries were trained at NREA.