Testing and Research Center
Electrical refrigerator tests Lab
  • The laboratory tests the energy consumption and determines the energy efficiency level of the electric refrigerators up to 1100 liters and the freezer up to 850 liters in accordance with the Egyptian standard No. 3794 and complies with the international standard IEC 62552 to determine the level of energy efficiency of the device.

Automatic Washing Machine Lab
  • The laboratory tests energy consumption and determines the energy efficiency level up to 10 kg capacity in accordance with Egyptian Standard No. 4100, which complies with IEC 60456 in order to determine the level of energy efficiency of the device .

Electric heater Lab
  • The laboratory tests the energy efficiency of the electric heaters up to 150 liters in accordance with the Egyptian Standard No. 5806 and complies with the international standard IEC 60379 to determine the level of energy efficiency of the device energy efficiency card, and has been working more than 425 tests so far.
  • The tests of household appliances obtained quality approval from the National Council for Accreditation in accordance with the standard 17025, thus guaranteeing the achievement of the total quality in the Egyptian market to obtain a high quality product whether from domestic production or from imported devices.

Energy Performance Test Lab for Household Dishwashers

  • Established in 2017, the lab aims to determine the consumption of electric energy and the amount of cold water consumed by the dishwasher by conducting the test according to the Egyptian standard 2014/7820 and setting the energy efficiency card on the dishwasher. More than 51 tests have been done so far.

Air Conditioning Testing Lab

  • The air conditioning test laboratory aims to carry out laboratory tests for the air conditioners of the separate type and the networks imported from abroad and manufactured locally to raise the energy efficiency and support the application of Egyptian standards and the implementation of the decisions of the Minister of Industry No. 266 of 2002 and No. 180 of 2003 on the obligation of manufacturers and importers to paste energy efficiency card on devices Before being put in the market for the consumer, through cooperation with the General Authority for Export and Import Control and the General Authority for Standards and Quality and local companies, and has been doing more than 1634 tests so far.
  • The test unit will be able to test separate air conditioners up to a capacity of 65,000 BTU per hour and air conditioning systems up to 36,000 BTU per hour.

Solar Water Heaters Testing Lab
  • The SWH Testing Lab was established in January 2017 to be aligned with the latest international standards ISO 9806 and ENI 279. It is one of the biggest labs in MENA region. It participates in The Solar Heating Arab Mark and Certification Initiative (SHAMCI) and also participates in an initiative to use of solar water heaters in industrial sector in cooperation with UNIDO. The lab provides technical service for local companies working in that field.
  • The laboratory provides the following tests:

  • Performance test for system.
  • Performance test for water collectors.
  • Pressure drop test.
  • Performance of solar air collectors.
  • Static pressure test.
  • Rain penetration test.
  • Internal thermal shock.
  • External thermal shock.
  • Mechanical load test.
  • Impact resistance test.
  • Freeze test.
  • Exposure test.

photovoltaic Lab tests
  • The photovoltaic cell testing laboratory is being updated to meet the latest international standards IEC 61730, IEC 612151 IEC 60904, IEC 61646.
  • The laboratory performs more than 20 different tests according to the latest international specifications.
  • PV lab tests the efficiency of PV components ; whether locally manufactured or imported in accordance to the latest Standards IEC 61215. It also provides consultancy services to the installed PV solar power plant, in addition to conducting Research and Development.
  • The lab performs several tests, the most important of which are:

  • Visual inspection.
  • Insulation test.
  • Outdoor exposure test.
  • Maximum power determination.
  • Maximum of temperature coefficient.
  • Performance at STC and NMOT.
  • Performance at low irradiance.
  • Humidity-freeze test.
  • Damp heat test.
  • Thermal cycling test.
  • Wet leakage current.
  • Battery tester.
  • Electrolum inescence test.
  • Peel off test.
  • Potential induced degradation test.
  • Spectrometer test.
  • Measurement of AC electrical paramaters.
  • Measurement of IV curve & electrical paramterers in the field.
  • Thermal infrared test for testing PV modules in the field.
  • Resistance of earthing measurment.

Biomass Lab
Biomass technology = Waste Management
New & Renewable Energy Authority (NREA)’s activities in such field include the next:

  • Cooperation with investors for conducting a various tests for waste samples, according to the NREA ‘s rules.
  • Cooperation with the universities and the researches entities to conduct or enhance a research projects through some rules / protocols….etcs. .
  • Cooperation with the ministry of Environment and some entities related the ministry of electricity and renewable energy as Egypt-era to follow the FIT projects in such field, to establish an electrical power plants connected to the grid from 0.5-20 MW, according to the grid code which under preparing through Egypt-era .

Laboratories’ Facilities

NREA’s Biomass Outdoor Laboratories

    Digester unit at out door laboratory

NREA’s Biomass Indoor Laboratories

    Some equipment at indoor laboratory