Photovoltaic cell systems projects
FiT Projects
  • In accordance with the decision of the Council of Ministers No. 1947 of 2014 on the tariff of renewable energy for renewable energies (wind - solar), the Ministry of Electricity and Renewable Energy announced the invitation of investors to apply for eligibility to the nutrition tariff unit in the ministry.
  • Pursuant to Law No. 203 of 2014 issued by the President of the Republic on 21/12/2014 on the promotion of electricity production from renewable sources of energy and the preparation of regulations for the provision of land, the Commission identified and divided the private land of these projects in:
    • Solar projects in Bennab / Aswan, Zafarana / Suez / West Nile
  • The preliminary receipt of land preparation and solar cell projects is under way in Benanab / Aswan.
  • The environmental study for the location of photovoltaic cell projects in Bennab was completed and the consultation session was held on 17/9/2015
  • The entire plots of photovoltaic cell projects were delivered in Bennaban and Zafarana.
  • On 22/9/2016 Cabinet Decision No. 2532 of 2016 was issued on the amendment of the prices of purchasing the electric power supplied to the Egyptian Electricity Transmission Company or the electricity distribution companies from the power plants used for renewable energy sources, which will be contracted in the second phase of the tariff system.

Current status:

  • The number of 32 companies (2 companies for the first phase + 30 companies for the second phase) for the establishment of photovoltaic cell plants in the area of Benban.
  • A total of 32 annexes to the cost-sharing agreement of the Benanban-Aswan companies have been finalized and signed to provide an area of 50000 m2 for investors to be used in the management of facilities and logistics services by the Hassan Allam Sons Company for a period of two years.
  • A total of 195 customs clearance letters have been issued to companies in the Benban-Aswan area and other companies working in the field of new and renewable energy.