• Under the policy of the Egyptian government, which depends on diversification of energy sources and giving priority to the implementation of projects to generate electricity from renewable energy sources, mainly by the private sector, according to Law No. 203 of 2014, the legislation, policies and frameworks for developing renewable energies in Egypt as follows:-
  • Tenders (EPC) : Governmental projects tendered and owned by NREA for design-supply and construction of projects.
  • Build-OwnOperate Projects (BOO) : EETC invites private investors to submit their offers for specific capacities and the award will be made to the lowest kWh price.
  • Feed IN-Tariff : EETC invites private sector company to bid for projects and sell electricity to the grid.
  • Auctions : Projects announced by the state and the award will be made according to the lowest price.
  • Net Metering : Grid-connected solar PV projects up to 20 MW.
  • Independent Power Producers (IPP) : Projects implemented by private sector investors either to feed their own loads or to sell it to their own consumers.